The 'Big Rig' unveiled at Hewett Academy promoting fitness and wellbeing

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September 24th 2020

As children return to school across the country, the Friends of Hewett charity is rolling out a new initiative this term to promote post - lockdown fitness and wellbeing.

Established by three parents at Hewett Academy, the charity has fundraised to support children at Hewett Academy to fulfil their potential and enrich school life. Working closely with Hewett staff, the charity has raised £25,000 for its  “Back Together Stronger” campaign, which aims to curb the negative impact of the Covid lockdown on pupils’ physical wellbeing, offering them a greater chance for a healthy year. 

The project started over the summer holidays with the delivery of 150 fresh fruit and veg parcels delivered by parent and teacher volunteers. And with students now back at school, teachers have installed a “Big Rig” outdoor gym on site to encourage students to get active and move more in their downtime.

As part of the launch of the Big Rig this week, Hewett Academy will also have a smoothie bike in the playground for students to cycle up a fresh fruit smoothie. There will also be lots of prizes for children to win for taking part, including trainer vouchers, water bottles and sports equipment.

Friends of Hewett has also partnered with a company called Mr Fruity Wholesale, which has sponsored new sports kits for the whole school with an incredible donation of £1,500.

Rebecca Atkinson, Chair of Friends of Hewett, said, “We are really pleased to be running the Back Together Stronger project for pupils at Hewett Academy. Lockdown has been tough for lots of families, for many different reasons. Friends of Hewett is all about parents, teachers and pupils pulling together as a school community to support each other. We are a small school with a big sense of community!"

“We've had an amazing first year and look forward to growing and involving more parents, teachers, pupils and even alumni and local residents in our future projects to enrich our school." 

Principal, Antony Little said, “We are very fortunate to have the support of Friends of Hewett - they have done so much good work over the last few months. We’re delighted to have all our children back in school now, and the Big Rig will help them get active as we move into new routines. We’re also very grateful for the fantastic new sports kit and look forward to putting it to the test in PE and matches this term.”

Kim Lawrence, PE Department at Hewett said,“We know that fitness plays such an important role in both physical health but mental health and wellbeing too and the Big Rig will play an important role in keeping that in our pupils’ minds as they settle back in to school. We’re delighted to have the Big Rig here at school – and our pupils can’t wait to get to start using it!”