Have Your Say At Hewett

How can I get involved? 

We have lots of opportunities for students to get involved in different ways. Some students choose to stand to be part of our student leadership team and they will all take on a whole school project for the year. For example, this year they are looking at environmental issues and ways to promote our creative curriculum. 

Other students prefer to be elected to the student council where we debate and discuss issues that are important to the whole school. Whereas other student prefer to take on a specific job - for example being on the anti-bullying group or being an eco-champion!  Whatever their interest, there is always a way to be involved.


Is there a hierarchy of roles within the Student Council?

We have a Head Student who is the chair of the student council but everybody has an equal right to speak and to be heard. We have a wide range of students from all year groups and all backgrounds and that makes the council even stronger. 


How often do they meet to share ideas with teachers and the Principal?

Student leaders meet fortnightly, directly with the Principal and share their thoughts and ideas with him.


I don’t want to be involved in the Student Council but would like to share an idea. Who can I tell about my idea or will there be an opportunity to tell someone?

We have two good ways of doing this - students get regular surveys from the Principal and these are always really enthusiastically completed! Alternatively, students can tell their form group representative on the Student Council who will bring their ideas to the council before being presented to the Principal.


How likely is it that something that I suggest will happen? 

It depends what it is! Our Student Council have had a strong track record of making changes in our school because they approach their work diligently and sensibly. We’ve even introduced new GCSE options because of their feedback!


What are some examples of topics that I can have my say on? 

Student Council this year have been working on projects to improve our recycling rates and have carried out research into the school day. They have worked with teachers to identify and support students who are young carers. We even have a group to feedback on the quality of the food in the canteen and what they’d like to see on the menu! Students also form an important part of our recruitment for new staff.


Anything else I should know about the Student Council? 

The best way to find out more is to come forward and get involved!