Our partnerships give our students the opportunity to build connections with experts in their field, as well as develop skills in problem-solving, leadership, speaking in public and confidence in themselves. Our partnerships make the most of connections within our local community including sports groups, digital businesses and theatres, to name a few. We also benefit from strong relationships further afield with universities, sixth forms and our sister schools within the Inspiration Trust.

The English Experience

In partnership with The English Experience, a Norwich based organisation that teaches English all over the world, we welcomed 36 Spanish students from Vigo in North Western Spain to Hewett Academy. The students visited us as part of their school integration course to experience life in an English school, and stayed for a total of 3 weeks.

Each student was paired with a Hewett Academy student, attending and participating in lessons, eating lunch together and forming new friendships. The Spanish students were accompanied by Spanish-speaking monitors who also took part in lessons.

Students involved in the project found it rewarding, having the opportunity to try out lessons and activities that they would not usually do in Spain, such as cooking and photography. The students integrated into school life quickly and impressed with their outstanding levels of English and desire to learn and actively participate in lessons. The Hewett Academy will continue to participate in the initiative for the benefit of all students involved.

Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form

At Hewett Academy, we run a Computer Club. Sixth form students studying Computer Science at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, known as the Technovators and AI, have partnered with the group to offer Hewett Academy students tutorial sessions using BSD and covering topics including programming and animation. As a result, we have begun offering a GCSE Computer Science course to our students.