School Vision/ Values

The shared mission of Hewett Academy is to provide our students with an exceptional education that opens up their pathways in life to be their own best. We do this through a well planned and sequenced knowledge rich curriculum, access to a wide range of enrichment and opportunities to develop cultural capital, a focus on developing strong literacy skills and a chance to combine these into a sense of creativity across the curriculum.

Our staff, students and families share in our mission as a school;

  1. We feel the benefits of a robust, academic and knowledge rich curriculum

  2. We have creativity at our core

  3. We know access to cultural capital is a right

  4. Reading is central to what we do

  5. We go on to lead great lives

  6. We believe in our school, and our community.

Our mission is evidenced through our three core values:


We show respect to each other, and treat people how we would like them to treat us. We express our needs confidently, but we are willing to compromise to ensure everyone gets a fair shot.


We are all capable of great things, and no one should be held back from striving to be the very best they can be. We support each other as we seek to widen our horizons and explore the world around us.


We know what we want to achieve, and we work hard towards it, both as individuals and as a community. We enjoy our time but we are not distracted from our goals.


These values guide our actions and the decisions we make. At Hewett Academy we respect each other, our peers, our environment and our community. We seek out different ways to show that respect, from our Diversity Awareness group, to holding doors open for one another.

We have high aspirations for the future. We know that our students are capable of greatness and we support them in their journey towards this with our aspirational curriculum and careers programme.

We are dedicated to our studies by making sure we always try our hardest in every lesson and all that we do. Our students display good behaviour, a solid work ethic and have great attendance.

We see our values represented in the following ways:

  • All rooms in the Academy will have a ‘values’ poster on display and in form rooms, we will show students what these look like in school rather than just being ‘words on the wall’.

  • Our assemblies throughout the year will be based on the school values. Each assembly will begin and end with the same slide, reminding students of the values.

  • The values will become the basis of the rewards system. House Points can be rewarded for each of the 3 categories. This will allow them, and their parents, to reflect on the values at reporting time.

  • At each of the celebration assemblies, we will be giving out certificates and trophies for students who are recognised as having consistently demonstrated our values.

  • Each of the values informs the work of our student leadership team and they contribute to making those values a reality

  • As members of staff, we are all expected to demonstrate these values ourselves through our work, interactions with students, visitors and trust staff. As staff members, we should use the ‘value words’ when praising students but also when to point out what they could have done better.

What makes our school unique:

Hewett Academy is a school supported by the community for the community. The pupils at our academy feel a part of the long history of the school and an attachment to each other. We are blessed with fantastic facilities including 50+ acres of land, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a theatre and dance studio. The school is iconic in Norwich and the leaders at Hewett Academy feel a deep sense of responsibility to both the pupils and to the city that it serves.