ASC 1448


Homework is used to help students remember what has been covered in recent lessons by looking back over work and taking a low stakes quiz. These activities are accessed online either through the relevant Google Classroom or alternative online resource e.g. Sparks Maths.

Homework is different to: revision for exams; after school intervention sessions; and extension activities for those wishing to go above and beyond in the subjects they have a particular interest in.

We set approximately 30 minutes of homework for every 2 hours of lesson time. With gradually increasing expectations of time commitment from Y7 onwards.

Once a week teachers will display the Class Leaderboards to celebrate student engagement. Where a student appears on the leaderboard i.e. top 10 in the class they will be awarded a positive homework mark on ClassCharts. Where a teacher notices a significant improvement in student scores they can also award a positive homework mark but positive homework points are not to be awarded for simply meeting the basic expectation of completing homework.

The positive homework points contribute towards the Half termly House Competitions where Leaderboard points are counted towards the House total.