Our uniform is smart and traditional. We encourage our students to take pride in their appearance and to be proud of belonging to Hewett Academy, and so to represent the school by their uniform in the wider community outside school. 

We believe good standards of dress and personal presentation promote a positive attitude to work and behaviour whilst identifying students to the local community and future employers as proud members of a high quality educational establishment. We take our social responsibilities seriously and we are proud to support our families in providing a full uniform where necessary. 

Students represent themselves, their families and Hewett Academy every time they step outside their door in their school uniform. At all times they are in school uniform or representing Hewett Academy, we expect them to conduct themselves as they would in school, as an ambassador for our school and an example for others. 

Our uniform is something our student council has taken the time to discuss and agree upon. As such, it is gender-neutral and accessible to all. If you have any concerns about affording a uniform for your child then please do let us know and we will support you. 

Our uniform shows our pride in our community, our belonging and our inclusion and respect for each other. At Hewett Academy, we take this very seriously and students will receive consequences for not wearing their uniform correctly. Our uniform and PE kit includes:

  • Royal blue blazer with the Hewett Academy logo

  • Blue and gold tie

  • Grey knit jumper with gold trim (optional item)

  • Grey trousers and/or grey tailored shorts or skirts, no shorter than 10 cm above the knee

  • White long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, with buttons up to collar

  • Black/grey socks or tights

  • Flat black shoes (no trainers, canvas shoes, boots, or heeled shoes)

  • Black PE Top

  • Black PE shorts.

Our uniform is supplied by Stevensons and items can be purchased online at www.stevensons.co.uk, by phone at 01603 622355, or in-store at 67 Ber Street, Norwich (near John Lewis).

All items of uniform can be purchased through our official supplier. Shirts, shorts, skirts and trousers can be purchased from any retailer as long as they are smart and suitable for school. If in doubt please check with us. Shoes, PE trainers, coats, and bags can also be purchased from any retailer.


There are a number of items that a pupil needs to be able to take a full and active part in learning at Hewett Academy. These are outlined below and should be carried by pupils at all times.

To be purchased by parents/carers

To be provided by Hewett Academy

  • 2 black pens
  • 2 pencil
  • 1 rubber 
  • 1 sharpener
  • 1 ruler (at least 15 cm)
  • 1 reading book (can be borrowed from the Hewett Academy library)
  • Student notebook
  • Exercise Books
  • Folders to store work
  • 1 purple pen for students to correct and improve work


If subject-specific resources are required, such as calculators, Chromebooks, instruments, paints etc. then these will be provided by the school. Lack of equipment should never be a barrier to learning and we will work with you to ensure that your child has what they need, in school and at home, to be successful in their studies.

We are a community that champions equality, diversity and inclusion. We recognise that your child may have needs that require some modification to our uniform and equipment list. If this is the case please do not hesitate to get in touch and speak to us. With this in mind below are our basic standards for personal presentation that all students are expected to adhere to.

Standards of Personal Presentation:

  • Coats are to be functional.  We would encourage parents to choose coats with reflective strips, for safety. Students can store them in their lockers throughout the day.

  • Bags need to be suitable for carrying student books and equipment (e.g.a backpack with two shoulder straps).

  • Extreme hairstyles such as close shaved heads, tramlines, or razor cuts are not permitted. Hair colours should be natural colours only. The Principal reserves the right to make decisions about hairstyles; if you have any doubt about a style please ask prior to having it cut or dyed.

  • Only light makeup is permitted; it should be discreet. Teachers reserve the right to ask students to remove excessive makeup at their discretion.

  • No coloured nail varnish, gel, or false nails. Teachers reserve the right to ask students to remove nail varnish, gel or false nails at their discretion.

  • Leggings and patterned tights do not meet our expectations and should not be worn.

  • No false eyelashes are allowed as they are unhygienic.

  • Jewellery may be worn only in moderation: one necklace; one pair of earrings (no bigger than a 5p piece); one discreet ring; and a watch. All jewellery must be able to be removed for PE.

  • Facial jewellery is limited to one, small, discreet nose stud.  This decision regarding this lies with the Principal and parents should consult the school before getting a piercing done.  We will not accept an excuse of "healing" as a reason why it cannot be removed.


Help with uniform costs:

The Anguish's Educational Foundation offers grants to help pay for school uniforms and other educational costs for families living in Norwich. The foundation offer grants of £140 every two years, plus £50 on starting secondary school. Please click here to visit their website or call on 01603 621023 for full details.

The academy encourages families to donate any uniform in good condition that students have grown out of, to be passed on to other families. For more details, please contact the school office to donate or check the current stock.

Uniform Policy