Friends of Hewett Academy

Hewett Academy is a landmark school with a long and proud history in Norwich. We have a fantastic relationship with our local community and the cornerstone of this is our 'Friends of Hewett Academy' group.

Friends of Hewett is a parent-led registered charity (1187100) fundraising to create events and opportunities to enrich our school environment, promote wellbeing, build confidence, and empower every Hewett Academy student to fulfill their potential.

Founded in September 2019 by three parents, Friends of Hewett has raised over £350,000 so far. Parent volunteers have created a welcoming community lounge within the school to support pupil wellbeing and encourage families to connect with the school.

Some of the projects which have been made possible thanks to Friends of Hewett include:

  • A welcoming community lounge and counselling room
  • The creation of a school allotment and eco garden
  • Uniform fund and food vouchers in holiday times
  • An updated ‘Library for Today’ with over £14,000 of new books from diverse authors
  • Forest school visits and school trips
  • Carpeting all classrooms and installing listening systems across the school to support pupils with hearing impairments
  • Big Rig outdoor gym and indoor gym equipment
  • Pedal desks to support pupils with ADHD
  • Renovation of a new Accelerated Learning Unit to support pupils in small groups. 

Friends of Hewett Academy also helped to support families during the Covid-19 crisis by providing art materials, laptops and Wifi to ensure no Hewett Academy pupil was left without online access to maintain their education and social contact.

Friends of Hewett Academy is parent-run but works closely with school leadership to support our school to thrive. The Friends of Hewett charity is financially entirely separate to the school and the Inspiration Trust.

We look forward to welcoming new families to join Friends of Hewett Academy.

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