ASC 1735


We have been working closely with Subject Specialists in The Inspiration Trust Curriculum Centre to build and enact a knowledge-rich curriculum from year 7 onwards. This means we deliver a curriculum that is about more than passing GCSEs in English and Maths.


We offer students the opportunity to study a variety of academic subjects on the basis that these will equip students with the knowledge of our culture which will empower them to have success and be flexible in an ever-changing world. We enable our students to stand on the shoulders of giants by knowing what has gone before, a far more reliable standpoint than trying to predict the specific skill set they might need for the future. Please see below for Curriculum Plan 2020-21 and Qualifications Summary for further details. 

We take a broader view of curriculum beyond that which results in GCSE grades alone. We work with our local community to provide 'The Hewett Entitlement' to ensure that during their time at our school, students have access to the opportunities and experiences that others may have more readily to hand. These opportunities include but are not limited to: visits to universities, London, theatre productions, music. 

Read more about our Qualifications Summary and Curriculum Plan for 2020-21