Student Voice

We strongly believe that students should play a pivotal role in shaping the future of The Hewett Academy. Students from all Year groups take part in setting the agenda for the school, with leadership opportunities as Ambassadors, Prefects, and Head Students, and the chance to represent their form groups on the school council. 


Every year students apply for a position on the School Council or for other positions of responsibility. They apply to the Principal for these expressing their areas of interest and why they would make a positive contribution. These applications are read by the Senior Leaders and students are appointed the most suitable role e.g. Student Council, Anti-Bullying Ambassador, eco-committee, or diversity group. 

The School Council meets every other week and is chaired by the Head Student. The Head Student takes feedback, suggestions, and reports this back to the Senior Leadership Team. Through using this format, we ensure students are taking responsibility for their role in school and the students feel there is real purpose to their involvement. 



We strongly believe that students play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Hewett Academy. Each year we re-form student committees to focus on the priorities of the student body. Our structure for 2023-24 is: 

Anti-bullying ambassadors – working with Mrs Sturgeon 

Diversity Group – working with Mrs Torin 

Eco-Committee – working with Mrs Pearce 

Hewett Positivity – working with Miss Lee 

The full student council is overseen by Mrs Middleton. 



Every year students in years 10 and 11 can apply to be a House Captain. These positions are voted on directly by the student body. The winner becomes the House Captain, the runner up is the Deputy House Captain. House Captains work with the House Leaders, for example in presenting at House Assemblies. They also meet directly with the Principal, Mr Little, to discuss strategy for the school.  



In addition to the Student Senior Leaders, we have a Student Subject Ambassador for each faculty who is appointed by the Head of Faculty. Students appointed to these positions and achieved this position through their dedication and aspiration within the subject area throughout key stage 3 and 4. These students support the subject through competitions, listening to student feedback about these subjects and sharing it with school leaders and they support these subjects during Open Evenings. 


Students help the leadership team to select candidates for vacant positions at the school. They write their own interview questions and conduct student panel interviews. They subsequently present their views about who should be appointed.