ASC 1261

Our Approach to Teaching

We have a simple way of looking at our lessons at The Hewett Academy - focusing on teaching rather than testing: 

  1. The curriculum is our progress model; we know that students have made progress when they have learnt, over time, the core knowledge from the lessons. We ensure this is done through our quizzes and a termly assessment (KS3) or half-termly assessment (KS4).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  a) Our lessons will often begin with the chance to recap on prior learning through quizzing.
  2. We have a “knowledge-rich curriculum” and so lessons will be planned by subject specialists designed to promote challenge for all.
  3. Teachers regularly check students' understanding. This will be through regularly quizzing, often at the start of the lesson, and where appropriate a focus on literacy.

The majority of marking of student work is carried out in lessons either by the teacher through ‘live marking’ or through students ‘self assessment’. Live marking is visible through the use of pink highlighter on areas of concern. Students self assessment is visible through the use of purple pen in students books and on pieces of work whereby a quick answer can be shared e.g. the answer to a maths problem.

Teachers carry out additional marking when students complete termly or half-termly assessments or specific, more in depth tasks in class. Teachers provide feedback from the marking of in depth tasks as part of a standard lesson and students make amendments using purple pen.