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As a school which prides itself on how well we know our students, the transition process between Year 6 and Year 7 is really important. We want to ensure that our students arrive in September confident, prepared and excited to start at Hewett Academy.


Our transition events for those students joining us in September 2022 are:


Transition Interviews - Monday 14th June 2021

Students and parents are invited in to meet with members of the senior leadership team where will we discuss their thoughts about joining Hewett Academy, any concerns they may have and their readiness for secondary school.


Welcome To Hewett - Thursday 1st July, 4.30pm-6.00pm

Students and parents are invited to join us to hear about our vision for the journey we are about to undertake with our incoming Year 7s. Having not been able to visit the school in the autumn, students and parents will be able to tour the school site and have any questions answered about the upcoming Transition Days or September.


Transition Days - Monday 5th July & Tuesday 6th July

All incoming students will attend these Transition Days where they will meet their form tutors, take part in Hewett lessons and find their way around the school site. Students will also complete some assessments which give us the information we need to support them effectively from September. 


Summer School - Monday 23rd August - Wednesday 1st September

Students will be invited in to partake in a mixture of academic and extra-curricular activities which will enable them to meet staff who they will work with in Year 7, spend time with their peers and have fun! 


Details about all these events will be communicated to parents in due course. If you would like to speak to someone in advance of these events, please contact the school.