ASC 1466


Developing literacy skills of: increased vocabulary, reading and writing, is a focus area of our curriculum and school culture. All lessons will include features of literacy development.


Increased Vocabulary

Key vocabulary is identified for every lesson. These may be words specific to the subject or words that appear in different subjects but with varying meaning.

Vocabulary is taught as a key part of every lesson and students are supported to remember this vocabulary through repetition, quizzing and reading.

Homework is also likely to include recall of this key vocabulary.

Outcomes of homework and class spelling tests are used to create our Champions League Spelling Bee as part of our termly House competitions.


Reading across the curriculum

Students will experience reading in almost all subjects on at least a weekly basis. Reading is used to support students in the use of vocabulary and to see how experts in these subjects communicate with the wider world.

Core texts are part of each subject’s underlying depth of knowledge and a list of these is available on our website for anyone wishing to explore these texts at home.

Students are also encouraged to get “caught reading” books from The Hewett Canon as part of the termly House competitions.


Writing across the curriculum

Writing is a vital part of students’ future success. Good quality handwriting continues to be developed through secondary school as well as high quality content. The focus is writing appropriate to each subject. All teachers are knowledgeable in the grammar methods taught in our English grammar lessons and work from a shared approach to developing writing from year 7 to year 11.

We use the terminology “First we name…”, “....then we tell more.” in order to create simple sentences. We build these simple sentences through “upgrading” using adverbs, because, but, so, embedded clauses and/or subordinate clauses.