ASC 1286

Behaviour & Rewards

Good order is essential in a school if children are to be able to fulfil their learning potential. We are focusing on some key areas which set the frame for this to be part of our collective culture.  At Hewett, we aspire for Primus Tempus - first time, every time.  Students respond immediately to instructions from staff.  If they fail to do this, very serious sanctions will apply.  Our focus aims for this term are:

  • Punctuality to school and lessons

  • Mobile phones should not be seen or heard at all.  They should be confiscated if seen or heard.  A staff member should only ask once and if they refuse, a member of SLT should be called who will deal with the situation.

  • Uniform - students should be proud of their school and their uniform.  We understand that sometimes things go wrong, so from 2020 each student will get two uniform ‘passes’.  The student will have a stamp in their planner.  If the incorrect item is ‘small’ (tie or socks) then a replacement will be provided.  If the incorrect item is a ‘large’ item (blazer, skirt trousers) then the relevant item will be loaned.  On the third occasion of incorrect uniform, detention, (D40) will be issued and the parents contacted. We believe this is a balanced approach.

  • Energy drinks should not be in school.  If seen they will be confiscated & water provided to the student. If the can is unopened it will be returned to the student at the end of the day.

  • Only school jumpers and proper school coats (with a zip from top to bottom) should be worn.  Anything else (e.g. hoodies) should be removed.  A staff member should only ask once and if they refuse, a member of SLT should be called who will deal with the situation.

The reward policy is changing significantly:

  • Daily: students will be rewarded with verbal praise and/or by the awarding of House Points, which are linked to one of the 3 school values (Respect, Aspiration and Dedication).  Students will be able to exchange their House points for rewards and at certain milestones, they will receive House point stars. 100 = bronze star, 200 = silver star & 300 = gold star.

  • Weekly: at the weekly assembly, the member of LT presenting will choose one student who has personified the school values and they will be awarded some “Hewett Chocolate” in front of their peers.

  • Termly: we will have termly celebration assemblies during which merit prizes, subject badges and school values prizes will be awarded.

  • Annually; students will be encouraged to collect postcards from each of the department areas - there are 10 in all to collect!  There is also the Principal’s Postcard too which can only be achieved with the most outstanding of actions.  If a student collects all 10, they will have access to Hewett’s most golden reward!


We are working hard this year to develop a culture of appreciation amongst all students and staff.  In the third week of each half term, students will write a short note of thanks to a member of staff (teaching or support) to express their gratitude for something they have done for them.