ASC 0875


Attendance at school is the fundamental building block for academic success and positive social interaction. Research from the Department for Education shows there is a clear correlation between a student’s attendance at school and their attainment at Key Stage 4.

In order to give our students the greatest chance of academic success and of maximising the opportunities provided to them by the Academy, we expect 100% attendance from each student and will do all we can to help them achieve this. We expect students to arrive on time to school and to lessons and will sanction those that do not.


Our attendance principles:

We are proactive

We look to spot problems before they arise, meet with parents to provide support and we are always on the front foot.

We are persistent

We ensure every register is taken. We speak to every absent student. We ensure we have the support we need from the local authority. We know where every child is, every day, and why they are not with us if they’re absent

We have clear & rigorous processes

Our interventions are planned, timely and purposeful. They are grounded in data and our knowledge of individual students. We have systems in place to track attendance, to record interventions and evaluate their effectiveness.

We do not award prizes for attendance

We will not reward attendance for students who are consistent, students who have improved or the best tutor group. Numerous pieces of research show this is an ineffective way of improving attendance and that is is unfair on students who have genuine reasons for their absence.

If a student’s attendance falls below certain thresholds, the Academy will use various interventions to support improvement including parent meetings, support plans and sanctions such as Fixed Penalty Notices and prosecution in line with the expectations of the local authority.

In case of lateness, we understand that students may occasionally be late to school and we are reasonable in our approach. We will not record as late when there is an unusual occurrence such as weather conditions (snow) or where public transport lets us down. If a student is late twice - and the combined length of these absences does not exceed 30 minutes - they will not receive a sanction. On the third late, the student will be placed in after school detention (and every late thereafter). As with attendance, the Academy will use a variety of interventions designed to improve student punctuality.