Hewett Academy's artwork selected for exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts

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November 23rd 2021

Hewett Academy is delighted to announce that their students have had 4 artworks selected for exhibition in 2021 at The Young Artists’ Summer Show; one of only two schools in Norfolk County to make it into the physical display. 

The Young Artists’ Summer Show is an annual, free, open submission exhibition for students aged 5 - 19 studying in the UK and British schools overseas. Artworks are judged by artists and arts professionals with selected artworks displayed online and on-site at the Royal Academy of Arts.

33,000 Submissions were made to the Young Artist's Summer Show at the Royal Academy of Art this year with only 260 works selected for exhibition in London and a further 340 selected for online display. We are thrilled to be a part of this.

Our student's artwork:

Elizabeth Jackson's photographic submission of her family in lockdown was well received by the prestigious venue and created much conversation among visitors.

Lacy Mills submitted a contemporary framed and altered portrait of Lord Nelson.

Mazie Howes' mixed media, stitched and painted portrait of the late Breonna Taylor and this piece was accepted for the online exhibition.She demonstrates a high level of skill and sensitivity in reflection of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

The final selected works depict the collaborative work of KS3 on their return to Hewett Academy following lockdown #1. Every KS3 student created a plasticine figure inspired by Antony Gormley's 'Field' from 1991. The student's sculptures expressed their hopes and fears of a return to school in a Covid-safe society.

Work is also available to view online now.

Executive Principal, Antony Little, said:

"We are so incredibly proud that out of 33,000 pieces of artwork submitted, there were just 200 chosen to be exhibited - of which 4 came from Hewett Academy, the most from any school in the country.  I had the opportunity to go and see the exhibition and it was a stunning success; to see Hewett students put on a national stage was deeply moving.  Hewett has a long history of excelling in the creative arts and this is our next chapter in doing so.  The work of the students all through the school, supported by our exceptional staff team, have really put Hewett on the map - they've done themselves, their school and the whole of Norfolk really proud."