Friends of Hewett Raise Over £4000

December 13th 2021

The Christmas Hamper event is in it’s second year and is organised as a joint effort between staff at the school and the Friends of Hewett parent-led charity, with support from Mr Fruity Wholesale.

It was the brain child of Andrea George Samuels, Vice Principal, who came from a school in London and wanted to build the community spirit at Hewett. 

Friends of Hewett have raised £4000 to be able to fund a £20 hamper for 200 different families. The idea is that the community pulls together to ensure that all Hewett families are supported within the school and outside of it, helping our school community be together at Christmas. 

It is very much a community effort, with 26 parent volunteers, 5 teachers and 9 students sorting food and delivering the hampers to the families. The event provides a great sense of community and opportunities for people to connect with one another and do something for others. 

Antony Little, Executive Principal, said:

"Covid really brought out the best in our Hewett Academy community and we are determined to make sure that we carry this on in the future.  Our community means the world to us, and this initiative by the Friends of Hewett Academy is just one way we have of supporting our families.  We hope these hampers help at Christmas time and that all of the Hewett students and their families have a restful, relaxing and fun holiday."

Christmas hampers 2021