Bang the drum for Hewett Academy

June 23rd 2022

The big drumming sound is headed for the Hewett Academy, thanks to a large generous donation from the Asda Foundation and Friends of Hewett Academy!


The money will be used to buy a full set of marching drums to allow a new enrichment in September 2022 - and it promises to be loud!


Executive Principal Antony Little explained:  “The Hewett Academy is diverse and this is what makes the school so exciting.  All the brainchild of Creative Arts Head of Department Amy Lee, this is an initiative to get as many students as possible learning to drum as part of a group. It is physically demanding, requires teamwork, it is noisy and fun, and requires intense discipline. It requires both performance and musical skill. It is something every student can get involved in.” 


Head of Creative Arts Amy Lee said: “We have an impressively grand, outdoor space for large group practice and we are keen to work with local primary schools such as Norwich Primary Academy too.”


“Looking ahead, we want to consider performances as part of the Lords Mayors procession, Norwich Arts festival and very much have our presence seen, heard and felt.”

Antony asda cheque