Hewett Library: “Come read with us”

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June 27th 2022



Magazine subscriptions have been a feature of life in Britain for many years, from the days of the Beano through to today.  Now, thanks to students at Hewett Academy, the school is helping tackle the cost of living and ensure that students can continue to access their favourite reads by having our library subscribe to them so all students can have a read.

The library has signed up to over 30 different titles ranging from sports, lifestyles, the arts to the natural sciences and current affairs.  Some of the titles reflect the creative specialism of the school, such as “Royal Academy Magazine” (in which 4 student pieces featured in 2021) and others our wide enrichment programme like “220 Triathlon Magazine” (to support our unique partnership work with TriAnglia triathlon club).

Executive Principal Antony Little explains: “The idea came from one of the students talking to me at our family Hewett lunch session.  She wanted to be able to read a magazine but her family couldn’t afford the subscription.  When we asked around, we were surprised how many students wanted to read magazines and periodicals.  So we worked with the teachers and students to make a list and we have taken out subscriptions for over 30 different magazines.”

“It means that even if times are tough at home, the students don’t miss out.”

“I’m sure Match magazine will be very popular, as will PC Gamer, but don’t underestimate how interested our students are in the New Scientist, National Geographic or the Sky At Night.  It’s a great list and there really is something for everyone.”